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Help me, VURD

So for a game I'm playing, I need a phrase in Japanese (or, frankly, in bad wannabe Japanese). I'm wanting an overly-polite "Excuse me, Secretkeeper, please hear our prayers," sort of statement. The obvious bits are something like "Gomen nasai Secretkeeper-sama, ?? ?? kudasai," but I'm not sure what the ?? ?? should be.

This is an spell invocation for a cleric of Hello Kitty, so weeabooness is totally in-character, if that matters any.

ETA: Looks like I had anonymous and OpenID comments turned off. Whups. I think it's fixed now.

ETA2: Here's what I have so far, in romaji: Gomennasai Secretkeeper-sama watashitachi no inori o kikite kudasai


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A slight variation:


In hiragana:

わたし たち の いのり を きき ます

In romaji:

Watashitachi no inori o kikimasu (+kudasai)

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