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Holy crap wow next Monday is going to be a hell of a day.
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I want to write.

I want to draw.

I want to play music.

I feel like my internal spring of energy for such things is flowing as strong as ever, but instead of flowing into this nice deep basin for catching, it's spewing out into a drought-stricken desert and just making mud and maybe a puddle or two.

And to take the analogy way too far, my work is the herd of animals laying in the mud keeping cool and hydrated. So I suppose my spring is being useful but...yeah.
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Quick break in the hotel room in Grand Rapids, and what do I do? Connect to the wireless network and check Twitter, LJ and DW...

All told, the trip has had way too many disasters, but they have all eventually been resolved, at least. I would like a less disastery vacation some day, but I suppose I shouldn't complain, as I am at least getting a vacation.
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A couple of pictures of the new hair coloring (and recent cut). It came out subtler than I originally intended, but I like it.

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I haven't forgotten my promise to post pictures. I either need to get the ones Joel took or I need to grab the ones I took using Amy's camera and upload them, and I haven't done either yet.

Interim update: three windows shattered, five more with frames broken so they'll have to be replaced even though the glass survived, lots of windowscreens trashed, a window air conditioner trashed, skylights trashed, roof will have to be replaced. We have a $4000 hail deductible on the house. We'll have to figure out whether we want to try to pay the incremental cost of any upgrades we could do as long as we have to replace a bunch of stuff.

The Taurus is totaled, though we'll be buying it back since it's just cosmetic damage. We'll be getting around $4000 for it net, so that pretty much covers our deductible on the house. The Honda took approximately $7500 in damage. The trailer hasn't been evaluated yet but I suspect it's totaled as well.
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So we had a close encounter with a tornado a couple of hours ago. Shattered windows but no injuries other than the hailstone that hit Bill in the ear and the little glass shard I stuck myself with cleaning up a bit.

Still no power, posting from my phone. Should have some impressive photos in the morning...


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